About us

Khiutez, the shoes brand that combines the concept of authentic culture with today's trend & fashion. Our signature style is the vibrant & funky colors, the combination of patterns, floral & batik. We were known as the custom made shoe maker (online-home industry based) in 2010 and the new brand, Khiutez is created & copyrighted in 2012 by a designer who is inspired by a hobby and a struggle in finding the best shoes that fits perfectly, yet fashion, comfortable, and affordable. 

Through some inspirations, trends and culture, we try to create our own style because we want to have something unique yet wearable for daily fashion. The name Khiutez itself is taken from the word "Cutest" as the brand provides the cutest shoes the ladies would always want to have & wear in several occasions. The shoes are all handmade, carefully handcrafted & designed with love to deliver the best for your daily fashion needs. The shoes range from sexy, stylish with a sense of cuteness to each pair to bring lovely & cute shoes to women around the world who love fashion and want to look different & unique in a way.